Competitive real-time strategy based in a futuristic world


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Warfair is a strategy game that challenges you to face players from all over the world in thrilling real-time battles. Your objective here is to make sure that your army destroys your rival's three generators.

Battles in Warfair combine real-time development with a technique that's similar to a system by turns. Basically, every few seconds time stops and you have to give your units a couple of instructions. Just click and slide over any of your troops to sketch the route you want them to take.

You have all kinds of troops available to you. Tanks, which will quickly become your basic assault units, are tough and can cause all kinds of damage to your enemy's infantry. But beware, helicopters easily destroy tanks if you're not careful. The key is to balance out your army really well.

Like other similar games, in between battles you can upgrade your troops. If you've ever played Clash Royale you'll already know how. In other words, as you start earning same-unit cards, you can start upgrading them. To obtain those cards you need to open chests, of course.

Warfair is an excellent online strategy game that adeptly combines frantic real-time action with strategy. The game also includes outstanding visuals and high production values.
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Android 4.1 or greater is required

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